Test Informed Learning with Examples


Repository with assignments using the Test Informed Learning with Examples (TILE) method to integrate testing into existing programming courses for free.


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List of all first year Python assignments

Variables, assignments, expressions, basic types

  1. Calculating squares
  2. Swapping values
  3. Three way value swapping
  4. Simple calculator
  5. More advanced calculator
  6. Celsius to Fahrentheit converter
  7. Working with expressions
  8. Interest calculator
  9. Variables as operator and operand
  10. Gross / net salary calculator
  11. MadLibs
  12. String formatting using test case data
  13. Calculating PIN codes
  14. ASCII art generator
  15. Shopping calculator

Conditionals: If-then-else

  1. Converting time
  2. Calculating discounts
  3. Letter exchanger
  4. Odd or even
  5. Maximum and minumum
  6. Months by number
  7. Determine if a product is positive, negative or zero without calculating it
  8. Determine phase of life
  9. Density, mass or volume calculator
  10. Working with relational operators
  11. Triangle classification
  12. Money breakdown in bills and coins
  13. Phone costs calculator
  14. Water company billing system
  15. Membership card discounts
  16. Marathon selection
  17. Car insurance calculator
  18. Fruit classification using Artificial Intelligence
  19. Calculate areas
  20. Determine the quadrant of the Cartesian plane
  21. Calculating and verifying serial numbers based on dates


  1. Calculating the sum of the integers
  2. The sum of the odds and even numbers
  3. Calculating the mean of postive and negative numbers
  4. Multiples of seven
  5. Multiples of 7 not divisible by 3
  6. Counting test case failures
  7. Calculate the maximum of real numbers
  8. Grading statistics
  9. Age statistics
  10. Limit exceeding sum
  11. Armstrong numbers
  12. Prime or not
  13. Determine dividers
  14. Quotient and remainder

Defining and testing functions

  1. Is this character a digit?
  2. Is this character a digit? - part two
  3. Checking if a number is prime
  4. Testing if a number is prime - part two
  5. Convert a letter to upper case
  6. Calculate factorials
  7. Taylor series
  8. Greatest common divisor using Euclid’s algorithm
  9. The greatest common divisor of more than 2 numbers
  10. Removing first and last digits from and interger
  11. Integer series
  12. Password complexity checker


  1. Multiples of three
  2. DNI number calculation
  3. Counting numbers in a String
  4. Binary to decimal converter
  5. Fibonacci sequences
  6. Delete negative values from a list
  7. Maximum value in a non-empty list
  8. Counting word appearances in a list of words
  9. Split a string into a list of unique words
  10. Remove odd numbers from a list of numbers
  11. Remove duplicate numbers from a list
  12. Working with matrices

Text files

  1. Saving names and birth dates to a file
  2. Reading and filtering names and birth dates from a file
  3. Determine if a student has passed based on input from a file
  4. Creating files with a random number of random numbers
  5. Calculate the variance of the numbers from a file
  6. Process prices from a file and calculate the VAT
  7. Automating testing of functions that use files
  8. ASCII Art of a HEART


  1. Currency symbol lookup
  2. Convert a text to a dictionary of words
  3. Shopping cart
  4. Scrabble game score calculator
  5. Simulating 1000 roles of two dices and calculating the probability percentage
  6. Morse code converter
  7. Storing customer data
  8. Storing customer data - part two

Tuples and sets

  1. Calculating sums of the even- and the odd-indexed numbers
  2. Zipping sequences into tuples
  3. Intersecting two sets
  4. Travel times for conference speakers
  5. Determining if a string only contains unique characters
  6. Mortal set theory
  7. Sets with numbers based on divisibility
  8. Sieve of Eratosthenes